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The Ultimate Wedding Vendor List

One of the most crucial parts of your wedding day: the vendor list. Picking out the vendors for your wedding and deciding which ones you need and what you can go without is stressful. So, to help you out, I have compiled a list of vendors that I love, trust, and recommend time and time again.

(For more wedding planning tips be sure to check out my post on "The Guide To A Stress-Free Wedding".)


Wedding planners are a must if your big day involves a lot of moving parts and is making you into a ball of stress. They will step in and make sure everything is on time, done right, and make your day the best it can possibly be! Here are two that I love:

Sincere Event Planning



Crafting beautifully made bouquets and creating stunning centerpieces, florists are an essential part of the wedding planning process and can help to bring everything to life! Here are my favorites:

Floral Design By Maria


Flora Vore N W


Blush Blossoms Floral


Forage Floral Studio



This list is a long one but us girls need options, am I right? Most of these are local shops in the Portland/ Bellingham area. For more inspiration and to help you get an idea of what your dream dress looks like, be sure to check out my Pinterest by clicking here!

Brides For A Cause


Grace Loves Lace


Belle Bridal


Astraea Bridal


The White Dress Bridal Boutique



Finding the perfect jewelry to wear on your wedding day to complete your look is most likely on your to-do list as well! Here are two of my favorite jewelers.

Kanahele Jewelry


Heidi Hull Designs Bridal


All Peoples Shackles Exchanged @_apse_


Who doesn't want to be pampered? On your wedding day the stress levels can be high so taking as much off of your plate as you can is a must! Having someone do your hair and makeup for you can bring your look to the next level and lower your stress.

Alissa Albano Makeup


Diana Samoylenko


Enhacing You By Kenna



Another great way to level up your decorations and the overall feel and experience of your wedding is to order high-quality, customized stationery to hand out to your guests and have on display. A caligrapher is a good idea to create handwritten pieces and provide that extra personal touch.

Karen Post





No matter the occasion, I think we can all agree that sweet treats are always a good idea. Having plenty of food for your guests ensures they will be happy and well-fed.

Saltadena Bakery & Cake Shop


Pure Bliss Desserts



See the precious moments of your wedding day in motion by using a videographer. Such a special way to capture and remember the day!



Gold Finch Film


Click here to book me as your photographer! Comment down below and let me know if you are planning on using any vendors from this list.


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